Trading Platform

SpiderRock Platform is a technology provider that creates and deploys some of the most innovative routing techniques, trading workflows and risk management solutions commercially available to service large asset managers, proprietary trading firms and bank trading desks around the world.

The platform is a multi-tenant, high-performance cloud based trading system empowering institutional clients with tools to source liquidity intelligently and at scale in the US equity, futures and options markets.

Routing Algos

Risk Management

Analytics Framework

Compliance Layer

Data & Analytics

SpiderRock Data & Analytics combines comprehensive derivatives expertise and world-class technology to provide data and analytics services for fund advisors, traders, researchers, and other investment institutions.

We specialize in raw and normalized market data feeds designed to provide superior analytics with flexible API access.

Our robust historical datasets updated daily from live markets are ideal for research, backtesting, and making data-driven decisions.

Real Time Data

Options Analytics

Historical Data

Volatility Chart Tool

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