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OPRA Migration to new Pillar SIP Platform

On July 26th, 2021, OPRA will migrate to the new Pillar SIP platform.  Firms currently processing the OPRA raw multicast data feed will need to develop, test, and certify the Pillar changes.

Let SpiderRock help.

One strategy for dealing with OPRA changes and the continued bandwidth growth is to switch to a normalized OPRA feed.  Normalized feeds can measurably reduce hardware requirements enabling end-users to decrease overhead costs without compromising data quality.

A well-engineered normalized OPRA feed is fast and can be processed on a single thread of a single core on a current-generation machine, drastically reducing the infrastructure required. 

SpiderRock’s normalized OPRA feed provides these advantages.  Our proprietary feed has a significantly reduced bandwidth profile for better manageability and cost-effectiveness.  Our client-side APIs greatly simplify the development effort required.

If you seek further simplification of option data management, SpiderRock can also add highly accurate real-time options analytics from our industry-leading trading platform to your normalized feed, including bid/ask implied volatility, Greeks, and implied surface volatilities.

Contact the SpiderRock Data & Analytics team at gwtsales@spiderrock.net to learn more.