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SpiderRock Data & Analytics, a leading provider of financial technology solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of SpiderStream over MLink, a cutting-edge API that offers seamless access to live U.S. equities, futures, and options market data and analytics. SpiderStream over MLink enables developers to effortlessly connect, stream real-time data, and/or perform queries.

SpiderStream over MLink offers a range of capabilities designed to empower developers and streamline data consumption:











Live-Data Streaming and Querying: Developers can leverage SpiderStream over MLink to stream or query real-time and delayed data feeds across six product categories, including stocks, futures, options, market summaries, open and close marks, imbalances, analytics, and more.

Flexible Message Delivery: Users have the flexibility to choose from three message delivery protocols – JSON, Framed JSON, or Protobuf – based on their specific requirements and preferences.

WebSocket and REST Connections: SpiderStream over MLink supports both WebSocket and REST connections, allowing developers to select the connection type that best suits their application needs. WebSocket connections provide live subscriptions to data, while REST connections are ideal for occasional data queries.

Real-Time and Delayed Data: Developers can access both real-time and delayed data through SpiderStream over MLink, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information for their applications.

Secure Authentication: SpiderStream over MLink offers robust authentication options, including API Key and JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication methods, ensuring secure access to data based on user roles and permissions.

SpiderStream over MLink is backed by SpiderRock Data & Analytics’ state-of-the-art infrastructure and adheres to industry-leading security standards, ensuring reliable and secure data transmission.

To learn more about SpiderStream over MLink and explore its capabilities, please visit the SpiderRock Data & Analytics website or contact the SpiderRock Data & Analytics support team.

About SpiderRock Data & Analytics: SpiderRock Data & Analytics provides financial market data to a wide range of clients. SpiderRock Data & Analytics is part of SpiderRock Technology Solutions (“STS”), LLC.  STS is a trading technology provider that creates and deploys some of the most innovative algorithmic routing and risk management solutions commercially available to service large hedge funds, bank trading desks and proprietary trading firms around the world.