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SpiderRock Gateway Technologies (“SpiderRock”) announces SpiderStream over MLink, an API that simplifies access to real-time and delayed institutional-grade market data and options analytics trusted by the industry’s largest firms. (Click here to access the press release)

SpiderStream over MLink is a new, highly scalable API that offers seamless access to live, in-depth option pricing analytics and U.S. market data (quotes, trades, and daily aggregations) for equities, futures, and options. The MLink API functionality includes live-data streaming and active sampling, flexible message delivery, and secure authentication.  

MLink can be economically licensed by a single user that needs only a few symbols or a large enterprise that requires full U.S. listed market coverage. Developers can choose between WebSocket and Rest API Protocols and select coding languages that best fit their integration needs. WebSocket connections provide live subscriptions to tick-level data, while Rest API connections are ideal for point-in-time filtered queries. 

SpiderStream over MLink is backed by SpiderRock’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and adheres to industry-leading security standards, ensuring reliable and secure data transmission. These robust authentication options include API Key and JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication methods, which secure access to data based on user roles and permissions. SpiderRock’s operations are also SOC II certified annually.  

About SpiderRock Gateway Technologies 

SpiderRock Gateway Technologies (“SpiderRock”) is the data and analytics division of SpiderRock Technology Solutions, a provider of industry-leading options trading solutions. SpiderRock is an exchange-licensed redistributor of market data, providing US stocks, options, and futures market data in a raw and normalized format. SpiderRock’s proprietary live analytics offer low-cost delivery of market data and options analytics without requiring clients to make a significant investment in infrastructure.  

For more information, please visit www.spiderrock.net, follow us on Twitter at @SpiderRockChi, and visit our LinkedIn Page


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