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SpiderRock Gateway Technologies and Skylight IPV are announcing a partnership.

Skylight IPV offers an Independent Price Verification (IPV) service that is creative in its thinking, adaptable in its application, and responsive to evolving requirements. This partnership will allow Skylight IPV to utilize SpiderRock’s expansive historical options data to broaden and deepen their coverage, enhancing their back-testing capabilities.

SpiderRock’s historical data comes from live data and analytics powered by the SpiderRock trading  system. Using the data as part of the trading platform continuously helps to ensure high accuracy and consistency. The data is also properly labeled and saved in a point-in-time format, and basic data cleaning is performed to improve the information’s quality. SpiderRock evaluates the data for validity and accuracy and performs statistical checks on the production databases daily to verify completeness.

SpiderRock’s historical options analytics include implied volatility, Greeks, and theoretical surfaces derived from underlying markets with critical supporting reference data to ensure highly accurate estimates, resulting in tradable market data.

About Skylight:

Skylight IPV is an independent price verification company that combines collective experience and knowledge with innovative technology, to deliver new, more effective, and efficient solutions.

Skylight’s goal is to provide risk managers and product controllers at market-making institutions with extensive, reliable, and independent OTC derivatives valuation data so they are able to operate accounting and risk functions in the best manner possible.

For more information, please visit www.web.skylightipv.com, and visit their LinkedIn Page

About SpiderRock:

SpiderRock Gateway Technologies is the data and analytics division of SpiderRock. SpiderRock Data & Analytics has a suite of historical data products in multiple asset classes and the ability to deliver data via flat files and Restful API.

SpiderRock’s market data and analytics enable customers to gain insights and make data-driven decisions by examining historical theoretical volatility surfaces, implied volatilities, skew slopes, Greeks and stock, option, and futures prices, and print information.

For more information, please visit www.spiderrock.net, follow us on Twitter at @SpiderRockChi, and visit our LinkedIn Page.


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