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SpiderRock Gateway Technologies and Canari.dev are pleased to announce a partnership. This partnership will involve a collaboration of historical options & analytics data. SpiderRock will promote Canari’s European historical data products, while Canari will utilize SpiderRock’s US options & proprietary analytics and promote them to European clients. This partnership will allow both companies to expand their offerings to customers and provide the best quality of data available.

SpiderRock offers historical options market data and analytics that enables clients to gain insights and make data-driven decisions. The servers continually compute implied volatility surfaces for all option expiration months. These surfaces reflect a SpiderRock best fit of current markets. SpiderRock archives these surfaces at regular intervals for historical analysis for all options on stocks, ETFs, and options on futures indexes.

Surface data is used by volatility traders to better understand and identify opportunities in skew and relative option value. Curves can be used to historically compare implied versus realized volatility or cross asset implied volatility over short- and long-term time horizons.

Canari.dev is based on Deutsche Boerse’s A7 platform which offers a simple interface to access all Deutsche Boerse’s tick by tick data. Canari’s mission is to help traders go beyond screen prices to assess the fair value of Equity options. It generates forecast indicators on the implied volatility and builds trading ideas when market opportunities arise. This is a complex process including data clean up, stationarization and artificial intelligence processing. Canari.dev does all the heavy lifting for you and computes live AI generated indicators delivered in a simple, ready to use format.

About Canari:

Canari.dev is a web-based platform aiming to bring the power of Machine Learning to all options traders. They use Artificial Intelligence to track patterns in screen trades, cross underlying volatility spreads, term structure shapes and much more.

Canari’s goal is to reinvent the workflow for volatility trades that don’t belong in the order book by making it cheaper and more transparent.

For more information, please visit www.canari.dev, and visit the LinkedIn Page

About SpiderRock:

SpiderRock Gateway Technologies is the data & analytics division of SpiderRock. SpiderRock Data & Analytics is an exchange-licensed redistributor of market data, providing US stocks, options, and futures market data in a raw and normalized format. SpiderRock’s proprietary live analytics offer low-cost delivery of market data and options analytics without clients making a significant investment in infrastructure. 

For more information, please visit www.spiderrock.net, follow us on Twitter at @SpiderRockChi and visit our LinkedIn Page.

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