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SpiderRock Gateway Technologies Partners With NewMark Risk to Improve Options-Implied Analytics Library

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SpiderRock Gateway Technologies has partnered with NewMark Risk to offer NewMark Risk’s Options-Implied Analytics library for equity investors using SpiderRock’s options data. SpiderRock’s high-quality data will allow NewMark Risk to provide more precise and consistent analytics.

SpiderRock’s options data is highly accurate and uses adaptive pricing methods to cover all US-listed options on stocks, ETFs, ADRs, and Index products. SpiderRock historical data is captured directly from the market data feeds and combined with analytics, including implied volatility, Greeks, and theoretical surface prices derived from synchronized underlying markets with critical supporting reference data.

NewMark Risk provides all the analytics you can derive from options data for enhancing investment decisions in the underlying asset. NewMark Risk leverages their subject matter and technical expertise in options markets, machine learning, and quantitative finance to provide orthogonal analytics found in academic and proprietary research.

About NewMark Risk:

NewMark Risk is a fin-tech company focused on providing option-derived analytics for institutional investors.

NewMark Risk has garnered experience across the financial and technology sectors where data requires a lot of initial work to scrub and prepare prior to being able to begin analyses to draw meaningful insights. NewMark Risk strives to provide clients with alternative data and options-derived analytics not currently provided anywhere else with unmatched accuracy and quality.

For more information, please visit https://newmarkrisk.com/, and visit their LinkedIn Page.

About SpiderRock:

SpiderRock Gateway Technologies is the data and analytics division of SpiderRock. SpiderRock sets the standard in reliable, high-performance, intelligent options analytics and data. SpiderRock uses a market-tested proprietary methodology to deliver superior speed, throughput, and accuracy to protect the client’s edge. 

SpiderRock offers multiple live options analytics delivery mechanisms, from multicast channels or SpiderRock’s proprietary MLink engine. In all cases, SpiderRock’s real-time analytics and data tie into historical records to maximize the edge capture and limit loss between back testing and execution.

For more information, please visit www.spiderrock.net, follow us on Twitter at @SpiderRockChi and visit our LinkedIn Page.

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