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In July, SpiderRock Gateway released a new visualization tool designed to assist users in researching relative option values. With the tool, users can visualize a multitude of series, including up to 10 years of implied and realized volatilities, skew, high/low, open/close prices, trade volume, and earnings dates.

In its latest release, SpiderRock Gateway has integrated a new Stock and Option analytics dashboard in addition to its 10 years of US stock, index, ETF, and ADR data with its proprietary volatility surface analytics. The Dashboard holds Earnings history (implied & actual moves), Dividends (historical), and common option details to help users in visually displaying key metrics. This addition to the extended features in the tool empowers users to reinforce their visibility of data on-demand, expediting their efforts to sift through large data sets.

Key Data sets available for Options include:
– Most Active Options by traded volume
– Most Active Option by Open Interest
– Open Interest & Option Volume by Call/Put
– Volatility Metrics (with 1-day and 2-week change, Percentiles)

The Charting feature of the tool now also includes 10 years of Open Interest and Option Volume (Call/Put/Total).
Everyone can leverage the tool and its variety of features, from students to professional traders. Whether used as a basis for research, trading, or modeling, users of the tool now have complete visibility on options and stock analytics through a streamlined user interface.

For more information on Chart Tool, please explore our site or reach out to charttoolcs@spiderrock.net.