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Options trading can be complex, but SpiderRock’s chart tool simplifies the process by providing traders with a distinct advantage. In our latest YouTube video, Trading Earnings Using Volatility Data, viewers learn how to use SpiderRock’s chart tool as a powerful solution equipped with both uncensored and censored volatility data to revolutionize their approach to market analysis.  

Censored and Uncensored Volatility Data 

One of the main challenges for options traders is figuring out how earnings can affect their options trades. This becomes trickier in pairs trades, especially when one symbol recently had or is about to have earnings, and the other symbol doesn’t. Luckily, SpiderRock’s chart tool provides a solution with both uncensored and censored volatility data. 

Censored data intelligently filters out the noise of earnings events, which provides traders with a clear view of implied and realized volatility. Trading Earnings Using Volatility Data showcases how this functionality proves invaluable when comparing data across expiries or different symbols. 

Exploring Pairs Trades 

Trading Earnings Using Volatility Data also examines pairs trade case studies with a scenario involving NVDA (with upcoming earnings) and QQQ (without earnings). By comparing both symbols’ censored volatility data, traders can factor in the implied versus historical earnings data for the symbol with an upcoming earnings event.  

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