NewMark Risk

NewMark Risk is a fin-tech company focused on providing option-derived analytics for institutional investors.

NewMark Risk has garnered experience across the financial and technology sectors where data requires a lot of initial work to scrub and prepare prior to being able to begin analyses to draw meaningful insights. NewMark Risk strives to provide clients with alternative data and options-derived analytics not currently provided anywhere else with unmatched accuracy and quality.

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Canari is a web-based platform aiming to bring the power of Machine Learning to all options traders.

They use Artificial Intelligence to track patterns in screen trades, cross underlying volatility spreads, term structure shapes, and much more.

Canari’s goal is to reinvent the workflow for volatility trades that don’t belong in the order book by making it cheaper and more transparent.

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Skylight IPV is an independent price verification company that combines collective experience and knowledge with innovative technology, to deliver new, more effective, and efficient solutions.

Skylight’s goal is to provide risk managers and product controllers at market-making institutions with extensive, reliable, and independent OTC derivatives valuation data so they are able to operate accounting and risk functions in the best manner possible.

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